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23 06 2017 Nascholingsdag vrijdag 23 juni 2017
24 06 2017 Nascholingsdag zaterdag 24 juni 2017
13 09 2017 Myofasciale Pijn en Dry Needling Basiscursus Groningen
14 09 2017 Instroom Basiscursus deel 2 Groningen
14 09 2017 Instroom Gevorderdencursus Groningen
08 11 2017 Myofasciale Pijn en Dry Needling Gevorderdencursus Groningen

Prof. Dr. David G. Simons

Deze 15 dagen durende cursus is de meest uitgebreide cursus op dit gebied in Nederland en is aanbevolen door Prof. dr. David G. Simons.

Promoting better understanding and treatment of myofascial trigger points (MTrPs) and neuro-musculo-skeletal dysfunctions davidsimons2is my goal in life. The lack of sufficient understanding and skilful treatment of MTrPs causes so many people unnecessary pain and motor dysfunction that it is a tragedy of modern medicine. When the MTrPs are identified and treated effectively early, it can completely eliminate the development of a disastrous chronic pain condition that is incomparably more difficult to treat. I welcome this opportunity to enthusiastically endorse the Myofasciale Pijn Seminars Groningen. I am deeply impressed and delighted with the leadership, competence, and determination that Carel Bron and Jo Franssen - in close cooperation with Jan Dommerholt [Myopain Seminars, Bethesda, USA] have demonstrated.

"They have established THE most authoritative and comprehensive seminars in the Netherlands according to international high standards."

David G. Simons, MD, DSc (Hon.), Clinical professor (Vol,) in Rehabilitation Medicine, Emory University since 2003; Adjunct Professor, Division of Physical Therapy, Georgia State University, 2006. Co-author of both volumes of Travell & Simons, Myofascial Pain and dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual; and of Mense & Simons\' Muscle Pain, he is internationally recognized for his authoritative research on myofascial trigger points.

Op 5 april 2010 ontvingen wij het droevige bericht dat Prof.dr. David G. Simons is overleden. Wij verliezen in hem een groot inspirator.